We now know how Desperate DeGette Is

Representative Diana DeGette’s attempt at damage control, avoidance, and revisionism— in response to Donald Trump Jr.’s op-ed— are indicative of the tactics that are used in both major parties, particularly when they are losing. DeGette admonishes Trump Jr. for saying, “We (Democrats) ‘stand for lawlessness, disorder and anarchy'” but chose not to address the actual claims. Representative Maxine (D-CA) told a crowd in Los Angeles on June 23rd, “Let’s make sure we show up, where ever we have to show up. and if you see anybody in that Cabinet, at a restaurant, at a department store, at a gasoline station; you get out and you create a cry, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Given that Republican commentator Candice Owens and Senator Ted Cruz were forced out of restaurants by protesters, it appears as though the activists were simply following the advice of Representative Waters.

DeGette—ironically—says that “We expect, and respect, rational discourse on issues. I suggest we all hold our politicians to these standards as the November election approaches.” One need only take a casual look at the Kavanaugh hearings for further evidence that representatives on both sides are woefully lacking in decorum and respect when discussing issues, though Representative Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) repeated interruptions— along with two other representatives— within seconds of the opening of the Kavanaugh hearings are particularly lacking in decorum and respect.

Aside from the fact that our representatives do not treat each other with respect, representative DeGette does not refute the majority of what Trump Jr.’s article was about: Illegal immigration. The Democrat party does want to dismantle ICE, the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency. The Democrat party does want to give illegal immigrants the ability to vote in our elections. Elements of the Democrat party, and several Democrat controlled cities do refuse to cooperate with federal law when it comes to illegal immigration. Regardless of your opinion on these issues, it is telling that representative DeGette does no refute these claims, and chose instead to take a position of righteous indignation in regard to the way in with Trump Jr. presented them.

DeGette’s most egregious attempt at confusion and revisionism came from this sentence “The White House efforts to suppress dissent are part of an obvious long-term strategy, but one has to ask, what’s the underlying goal of an op-ed like the on published… (by Donald Trump Jr.)” Perhaps representative DeGette forgot that Trump Jr. is not in government, as such, his opinion piece can’t suppress dissent, which is why her own op-ed was run. She digs the hole even deeper, by again insinuating that Trump Jr.’s opinion comes directly from the White House, by stating “If this is that White House’s ‘Hail Mary’ pass, a frantic attempt to shift the momentum in the upcoming elections in Colorado, we now know how desperate they are.”

Representative DeGette, your tactics are obvious, insulting, and below your position. Although we have come to expect an effort to blur the facts in an attempt at manipulation and coercion, people are beginning to take notice, and are leaving both parties in droves. The results of the midterm elections are extremely important to all people living in this country, and voters should be paying as much attention to the tactics that these politicians employee, as they do to the issues.

Perhaps Diana DeGette has not taken the time to look up the charges that Donald Trump Junior—a private citizen and not a representative of government—brought against the party that she represents. Maybe she believes that the ends justify the means, and is knowingly attempting to mislead anyone who reads her opinion piece. In any case, our representatives need to be held to account. Neither side is spotless. As stated in the opening paragraph, these tactics show just how far both sides are willing to go when they are losing. Which is why there is growing support for alternatives, like the Libertarian party. I’ll agree with DeGette’s sentence.

“We now know how desperate they are.”

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