This is a fictional story. The names mentioned are those of characters, and not real people, with the exception of Todd Kohlhepp. Links to real stories were included for the sake of immersion, but please do not mistake this “article” for real news. I cannot stress enough that THIS PAGE is a FAKE story that was created as part of an application.

Kaitlyn Morgan—seen pictured on the right—has been identified as the latest victim of the notorious “Doll Face Strangler” who has now claimed the lives of 3 young women. Several weeks ago, the Daily Advertiser reported that the then unidentified Morgan was found in a ditch by a passing pedestrian. Luckily, Jeffrey Whitmore, Chief Medical Examiner in Baton Rouge, was able to identify Ms. Morgan through dental records provided by Texas State University, where she was a graduate student.

Dr. Whitmore was also able to shed some light on the nature of Ms. Morgan’s death stating, “With the state of her body, it was difficult for us to determine the exact cause of death, though we do believe that the marks left on her neck indicate that she was strangled with some sort of ligature.” Dr. Whitmore was unable to provide additional details of his findings, as the investigation is ongoing, but he was able to say that he and his team will, “do everything in our power to assist in the investigation to bring the killer to justice.”

The person leading the investigation is Special Agent Joan Bailey of the FBI, who spoke with us about the killer. Although agent Bailey has only been on the job for 6 years, she has shown tremendous promise in the field of criminal psychology. Perhaps her most notable achievement is her involvement in the capture of serial killer Todd Kholhepp in South Carolina. Kholhepp was convicted of killing seven people and is the subject of a new documentary series on Investigation Discovery.

In regard to who the “Doll Face Strangler” could be she stated, “We expect that the killer is highly organized. The pattern that we are seeing is telling us that he is probably compulsive, and good at whatever he does professionally. The evidence is going to tell us more as we continue our investigation, but we believe that we have a good idea of the suspect that we are looking for.”

When we asked agent Bailey what she made of the doll heads that the killer leaves with the victims, and the connection with this murder she told us, “The doll heads are part of the killer’s signature. He needs to leave them. They are completely unnecessary to the act of killing his victims, but it is the symbolism behind the act, or the ritual that helps him gain whatever is emotionally driving him to do this. It is likely that he wants to gain publicity and—in his mind—‘fame’ for his crimes.”

We will continue updating the public on the investigation as information becomes available. A vigil for Kaitlyn will be held at South City Park this Friday at 9pm. The family is asking that you please make a donation to the Cold Case Foundation in honor of her memory.

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