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Feedback Friday: Settings

This weeks theme: Setting.

Wait, that’s it? Why yes, my fellow critiquers and writers, I want setting to take the forefront on the piece you share. This is the time to work on how best to express your “where”. Rolling hills? Underwater sea palace? SPACESHIPS?! Why not all three? Gasp!

By focussing on one element of your narrative I hope we can better find ways to nail setting that scene. Pull us in with your writing and give critiques that can help our authors really show us that place.

October 4th prompt

I woke up just before dawn. The cool, crisp air of the morning—with its faint taste of dew—once again did not fail to rejuvenate me. I live for these mornings, and though I have experienced many, I have never tired of them, and I suspect I never will. Nothing can compare to the sound of unseen birds waking one by one, splitting night from day with happy chirps that seem to echo forever through the calm silence that preceded them. The first rays of the sun, whose warmth chases away the ethereal blanket of mist that covered the meadow for just a few fleeting moments. That gorgeous rose gold tint of first light, highlighting the beauty of the bushes and trees as it dances its way down to the ground to illuminate the world. The eternal titans that are the mountains in the distance, dressed as royalty in purple cloaks accented with rubies and gold, tipped with breathtaking platinum crowns for each of them.

It is even the smell of the earth, fresh and fertile, signaling life after death, and more importantly, nearby water. Despite the best efforts of the mysterious, patient—and seemingly ageless—forest to hide them, you can usually hear the sounds of one creature or another, as it makes its way through the pine needles and sticks that cover the ground around the small brook. They all seek that first drink of the day, the sweetness of the universe, of all life, contained in each cold mouthful.

No. I will never tire of these moments.

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