The Polis Administration Tries to Bully the Press

Earlier this month, there was a story of the Polis administration creating—through the power of an executive order—a third tax-payer funded office this year. The article was factually correct. The Polis administration had indeed created a tax-payer funded office through an exectuive order. This, however, did not stop the Governor’s office from attempting to silence the reports, presumably because they know that Coloradans are very protective of their money as it is, without the Governor spending it at as if it were his own.

The report on the newly created office says that there had not been any information on the anticipated cost to taxpayers. The other two offices that were created this year include the “Just Transition Office” (created to transition the workforce out of coal) and the “Office of Saving People Money on Health Care” which, ironically, saw Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera get a taxpayer funded pay raise as director of the “Office of Saving People Money on Health Care”.

Channel 9NEWS reported that two small town newspapers were contacted by the Polis admnistration to remove the report. A representative of the administration claims that the Governor’s office did not view the source of the report, The Center Square, as a “reputable news source”. Despite this, when the Kiowa County Press asked the administration to identify any false claims, they failed to do so.

Additionally, Polis’ own Facebook page published a report from The Center Square that viewed Colorado’s economic growth favorably.

9NEWS asked Polis’ office if they stood by their decision to pressure the newspapers to remove the article, a representative responded,

“When we looked into this group and discovered that it was not an objective wire service, but instead a branded website funded by the Koch Brothers’ political organization, we were alarmed that it was being reprinted by reputable news outlets in the state. Newspapers can publish whatever they want to, anywhere they want, at their own perogative, but the public is served best when articles by partisan organizations are placed in the opinion section or branded accordingly.”

Unfortunately for the Governor—and the representative that responded to 9NEWS—the article was not opinion. It was hard, factual news that the public should be aware of. At no point in the article was there editorialization, it was simple reporting on the facts. For the Governor’s office to say that a factual report—regardless of the source—should be labeled as opinion is appaling and disturbing in and of itself, but that was compounded by the fact that the office actively tried to bury the story.

Regardless of your political affiliation, the fact that the Governor’s office not only attempted to bury the story, but defended their attempt, is a highly corrupt move and speaks to the priorities of the administration. It is now crystal clear that the Governor does not want the people to know what he is spending our money on. With Colorado’s unique chain on government, in the form of TABOR, it should not be surprising that, on top of saying Coloradans shouldn’t get their money back, he has already spent more than we can afford. 


2 Thoughts

  1. Michael, Nice letter but it lacks facts too. How much money are we talking about? Doesn’t the governors office have a budget as well? How much is “more than we can afford”? Sounds like sour grapes to me.


  2. Hello, Ken!

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a reply! I’m not sure what facts are lacking? Everything in this article is factually correct.

    I don’t know if you live in Colorado or not, but there is something called TABOR here that restricts how much the government can spend and how much they can tax.

    That last line about spending more than we can afford links to an article by the Colorado Sun.

    A quote from the article:

    “‘There were a lot of bills passed last (session) that have continued spending…and some of those were very large,’ said Rep. Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo. ‘I don’t think we completely all truly understand what we have obligated ourselves to.”

    Polis’ full day kindergarten is estimated to cost $100 million. Again, with TABOR, that means that cuts are going to need to be made elsewhere. That, or he is going to need to try and convince voters to give up their constitutionally guaranteed tax refund from the state.


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