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Who do you think you are, and why should anyone listen to you?

You know, I ask myself the same question sometimes? I don’t know if my thoughts are worth paying attention to, but honestly, they are largely here for my own benefit. Although I hope that you find something worthwhile here—obviously. 

Anyway, you asked who I am. My name is Michael Lopez. I spent six years of my life operating the family bar. After we sold, I found myself working as a freelance games journalist. So here I am. Working my way toward a sustainable career.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at my blog. If you subscribe, I’ll even tell you about the lesbians who were trying to get it on in the parking lot.  

Why call it “Dead Letters”?

I started this site back in 2016. It served the same purpose back then as it does now. For my own amusement and experiments in writing, but also an attempt to have my words read by someone other than just me. However, I struggle with my self-confidence in this endeavor. Maybe that is something you can relate to. I chose the name “Dead Letters” because that’s what mail is called when it can’t be (or wasn’t for one reason or another) delivered. It struck me as a beautiful thought, and a sort of embrace of what is “mathematically likely” to happen with these articles.

Of course, it’s also possible that a bunch of people read this, which brings its own kind of poetic beauty.

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