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I poured my heart and soul into a tiny bar in Aurora, Colorado for five years. I went from a spry 23-year-old to a haggard old bar owner in that short amount of time. It taught me a lot about the industry, about people, and about my own limitations and dreams. A piece of my soul is forever tied to that place, those people, and that five years. Even though it is no longer mine, I can't leave hospitality. I NEED to be a part of that community. It's simply in my blood. So now, I write about the industry. I'm working on traveling the country to meet and talk with everyone I can about their jobs, their places, their customers, the ownership, their managers, everything. I want to share those experiences with you. Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for reading this Bio. Your support means the world to me. I hope that I'm giving you something worthwhile.

5 Traits Of A Good Bartender

I’m going to say something that might piss of a lot of bartenders, but it needs to be said: Bartending isn’t difficult in and of itself. Alright, if you’ll put your pitch-forks and torches down for a second I can explain!

An Amphetamine Anecdote

Walter looked at me with confusion and amazement, “This is crazy. Alright, whatever you say, Jake the ghost of whatever. Let’s get on with it already.”

Yeah. This case was going to be good. Finally, something to look forward to.